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If truly you hear His voice, harden not your hearts.” Psalm 95

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We are all aware of the factors that challenge the dignity, welfare, and security of people: poverty, illness, misfortune, the high cost of living, and more. As Catholics our response is strongly motivated by Jesus’ clear example. He reached out with love and compassion to those in need. Our call to discipleship moves us to do the same. The 2017 Christmas Appeal is vital to the efforts of Catholic Charities to reach out with compassion and mercy to those in need. When you receive this year’s Christmas Appeal we hope you will consider supporting those looking to Catholic Charities for help with a special gift or pledge. Your support reassures those who ask for help that they are not alone as they struggle to overcome hardships.

Poverty obscures the path to self-reliance, isolating families so children grow up never knowing what hope and opportunity look like. Here’s the story of a family you helped: 

Ms. Augustine recognized the potential in Angela from the first day of school. She referred Angela to Catholic Charities challenging CORAL-STEM* afterschool program where she excelled. Angela loved the program and was thriving. Over time however she began to change. She became quieter, distracted and started to miss homework.  Ms. Augustine knew something was wrong.

One day Angela broke down. She knew she was in a safe place and that Catholic Charities’ staff really cared about her, so she felt comfortable sharing what she was struggling with.  We learned that her father had been laid off and was having trouble finding work because of his past. Her mother worked in a nursing home for $10.20 an hour and the family was on the verge of losing the only apartment they could afford. Like so many children Angela was sensitive, scared and distracted by her parents’ fear. Angela’s education started to suffer.

We know that many families in our district are one crisis away from homelessness. So many of our kids face problems most of us never have to deal with, homelessness, hunger, gang violence, absent parents and addiction issues that make learning so much more difficult. 

A few days later we met with Angela’s parents and talked about additional Catholic Charities programs that might help. They were embarrassed, scared and truly were on the edge of being homeless. Angela’s father was connected to our Catholic Charities employment program and within a short time found a good job.  Her mother is working to obtain her CNA certificate, which will increase the family’s income. Today, Angela is not living in fear and is growing in her understanding and love of CORAL-STEM. Thank you for making works of mercy happen here in Santa Clara County and helping create a path for families who work hard to create better lives for themselves and their children. 

CORAL*- Communities Organizing Resources to Advance Learning STEM- Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics

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