Assisting Adults


Address:  2625 Zanker Road, San Jose 95134
Peer Mentor
Contact:  Kent Wenke, (408) 325 5147;

Volunteer Responsibilities:  Work with former incarcerated individuals to assist them in connecting with resources and services in a way that sensitive to their spiritual and cultural background.
Date/Timess:  Program start date is late February or March.
Hours:  9AM – 5PM, 7 days weekly - some evenings and some week-ends. Flexible hours. Minimum of 8 hours weekly required, subject to agreement with program manager. Background investigation required.
Minimum age: 25

Refugee Resettlement Program

Address:  2625 Zanker Road, San Jose, CA 95134
Contact:  Esmeralda Hoscoy, Program Supervisor – Employment and Outreach, (408) 325- 5291,

PROGRAM DESCRIPTION:  Catholic Charities is the only agency in the South Bay that resettles refugees who have come to the U.S. on their own without a family member or close friend to assist. Refugees are forced to flee their countries of origin because of a well founded fear of being persecuted for reasons of race, religion, nationality, membership of a particular social group or political opinion. Some are victims of war, oppression, and political turmoil. All come seeking the opportunity to live in peace, safety, and freedom. These new Americans face the challenge of starting lives anew, often with little more than a few material possessions.
Refugee Resettlement Program – Foster Parent

Address: 2625 Zanker Road, San Jose, CA 95134
Contact:  Archana Sharma, Program Director, (408) 325-5215,

Program Description:  Every year thousands of children are separated from their families because of war. Those who survive, end up in Refugee Camps. They are alone, unaccompanied by any family member. We want to place these teens in caring stable homes.  We provide a monthly stipend to the family and services such as tutoring and counseling for the teen. Each family will have a designated case manager at Catholic Charities. There is a two month preparation time to assure an appropriate match.

Volunteer Responsibilities:  As assigned by program director
Dates/Times:  Will vary
Minimum Age:  N/A

Fingerprint/background check required for all volunteers over the age of 18.

Refugee Foster Care

Program Description:  The program serves children and youth from around the world who have been separated from families because of violencewar, persecution and trafficking.  The program places these youth in loving homes all over the Bay Area. CCSCC is seeking volunteers to assist in the areas below. 

Administrative Support -  Volunteer Responsibilities include database design/maintenance, data tracking/analyzing, social media support (any or all segments)

Youth Support – Volunteer responsibilities include providing tutoring, mentoring, conducting Independent Living worksops and curriculums, etc. 

Foster Parent Support –  Partnerships and mentorship

Medical/Dental Recruiter -  Recruit Medical and Dental Providers to help secure providers who accept unique forms of service reimbursement.

Dates/Times – Flexible -- as agreed with Program Manager and Volunteer
Minimum Age: 21 age minimum working with clients. Some segments are suitable for High School students’ Community Service Hours. Seniors and Service Groups are encouraged to apply.
Contact:  Erin Kharazi,  (408) 325-5215

Fingerprint/background check required for all volunteers over the age of 18.

Refugee Resettlement Internship

Position Overview:

A Marketing and Development Intern to redesign, brand and structure the Refugee Resettlement Program. Utilizing his/her skills and  knowledge, the Intern will promote the Program’s mission of welcoming newly arriving refugees and  providing them with tools necessary to achieve economic self-sufficiency and independence. The Intern will assist with outreach in the area of Corporate Social Responsibility.

Intern Responsibilities:

  • Assist Program Manager to establish effective models for fundraising and philanthropy, research and apply best practices for non-profit fund raising, funding, grant opportunities and potential donors.
  • Create outreach material targeted to reach potential high tech and individual donors.
  • Help develop a comprehensive model for Refugee Housing
  • Help implement an effective and self-sustaining Refugee Program

Dates/Times: Per agreement with Program Manager -Minimum 10 hours a week for a minimum 6 months
Contact:  Theresa Samuel-Boko  408 325 5195, for complete details.
Fingerprint/background check required


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