CEO Letter for Website Feb. 22, 2017


Dear Friends,



In addition to our role providing social services and advocacy, Catholic Charities is the Catholic Church's disaster response agency. As such, we provide long term recovery assistance to survivors of disasters, like the current Coyote Creek Flood disaster.

As a member agency of Catholic Charities USA, we will receive technical assistance and support as we go forward. Locally we are a member of CADRE, which is the network of voluntary organizations active in a disaster (VOAD). We have been tasked with CADRE as leading the long-term case management response to families affected by the disaster.


Currently, we need volunteers who are willing to provide case management assessment, information and referral, counseling, and guidance to families displaced by the flood.


It appears that many of the people affected are low income and with no insurance, so they will need longer term help with housing and navigating through the benefits bureaucracies.


We need funding for case management, connections with available housing, and cash assistance or gift cards for clients.


Please keep our staff and clients and all disaster victims in your thoughts and prayers.


Thank you for all your generous support!


Gregory R. Kepferle, CEO


P.S. Catholic Charities does not accept clothes. It is better to donate a gift card for a client to buy their own clothes.





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