Youth & Family Services

Youth & Family ServicesWithin Catholic Charities, the Youth & Family Services division concentrates its efforts on children, teens and young adults at high risk of gang involvement, truancy, delinquency and incarceration.  We work to change the lives and prospects of children, youth and their families by providing support and opportunities that specifically address barriers that prevent them from thriving, succeeding and reaching their full potential.  Youth & Family Services offers the following programming:

  • A network of school and home based intervention services focused and tailored to the needs of targeted populations of high risk young people.
  • Two youth centers with a continuum of recreation, after-school, computer and technology programs; counseling, support groups, mentoring and leadership development services; combining both a prevention and intervention approach.
  • A Kinship Resource Center which provides grandparents and relative caregivers practical and comprehensive support so that they can provide safe homes for the children in their care.
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