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We hope you will make use of these resources in your parish and school communities and help educate others about the impact of human trafficking.

Prayer, Community Watch, Advocacy, Action & Support, Ethical and Fair Trade
Resources for January Awareness Month


Prayer is important and does make a difference! Review the story of St. Josephine Bakhita and challenge the objectification of humans. Say a daily prayer, add it to your parish’s Prayers of the People, and at prayer groups.
Suggested prayers to get started include

Praying the Stations of the Cross for victims
● Other suggested prayers

Community Watch and National Hotline Phone #

Be observant and report any suspicious activity to the national hotline at 1-888-3737-888, text HELP or INFO to BeFree (233733) or visit the national resource center
If the victim is local or in urgent need, contact law enforcement direct at the San Jose Police Dept. Human Trafficking Task Force at 408-537-1999 or email


Engage your elected officials. Ask what they are doing to combat trafficking and press them to take action against this issue in your community and across the nation. Support Legislation and voice your support of current bills before Congress on anti-trafficking legislation at state, national and international levels. (e.g. CA SB 1193)

Action and Support

Volunteer and/or financially support a local agency striving to help serve victims of trafficking as they seek restoration for their lives. There are many educational, advocacy and support groups that are working to end human trafficking: such as coalitions, safe houses and shelters for trafficked persons, Contact us for more information at

Ethical and Fair Trade – Conscious Consumerism

Practice conscious consumerism and be responsible and aware of the supply chain. Purchase items that comply with ethical and fair trade practices. Learn more on how you may unknowingly be supporting slave labor by visiting:

Learn what it means to be a conscious consumer through ethical and fair trade by visiting these resources or these suggested actions:

● Learn more about ethical and fair trade:





● Host a Ethical Trade chocolate, coffee and tea tasting party and use fair trade coffee and tea and other products at home, work, and in places of worship
Practice responsible personal shopping that is child labor and sweat shop free. The app “Made in a Free World” is helpful.


Ask schools to make sure that school uniforms are not produced in sweat shops. Research Free2Work End Human Trafficking



Parish & Youth Ministry

CNEHT eNewsletters

Archive eNews

Awareness Events:

● January 11
● February 8
● St. Josephine Bakhita

Awareness Month:

January is Human Trafficking
Awareness Month
(see below for info)

USCCB HT Awareness month resources

Parish Bulletins

● English
● Vietnamese
● Spanish


● English
● Spanish
● Vietnamese

Education & School Resources


● Red Flags Brochure
● CNEHT Resource pg
● CRS programs and resources
● USCCB info and resources


Videos & Movies
Hummingbird Project
Movie “Sold”
Movie “Stolen from the Suburbs”

Brochures & Posters

Other resources

● Break Free Education
● Human Trafficking is Alive in the U.S.

Action & Advocacy

National Hotline #




Ethical & Fair Trade


Government Resources

● State of CA, Office of Attorney General
● Office of the Administration for Children & Families
● Office to Monitor & Combat Trafficking


Suggested Bulletin Announcements English

Suggested Bulletin Announcements Vietnamese

Suggested Bulletin Announcements Spanish


Homily Suggestions – English

Homily Suggestions – Spanish

Homily Suggestions Vietnamese


Prayers English

Prayers Spanish

Prayers Vietnamese

Suggested Prayers

Suggested Prayers of the Faithful – English

Suggested Prayers of the Faithful Spanish

Suggested Prayers of the Faithful Vietnamese

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