Behavioral Health

Issues such as depression, mental illness and substance abuse can be major barriers to achieving economic self-sufficiency. They can keep a person's life in constant turmoil and make it hard to hold down a job or achieve other important goals. Oftentimes, persons facing these issues will experience unemployment, homelessness and other related socioeconomic problems if their condition is left untreated.

Catholic Charities of Santa Clara County offers a number of services that can help older adults, adults and children get on the road to wellness and recovery to overcome these barriers and make positive life changes. If you or someone you know is facing problems as a result of these issues, we may be able to help.

Most of our programs are funded by MediCal, State and Federal Grants or local grants and serve specific vulnerable groups struggling with these issues. Please click on the links to find out more about our specific programs and who they are targeted to serve.