House Sharing Program

A county of santa clara program operated by catholic charities


Please join us at our next event to learn more about the County of Santa Clara's House Sharing Program.

The House Sharing Program would like to invite all those who are interested in learning more about our program to our next free informational event.

It will take place on Wednesday, September 18 at Villa Ragusa in downtown Campbell, with special guest speaker Supervisor Joe Simitian.
This will be an informational event about our House Sharing Program and will include catered light food and refreshments, a panel of current housed program matches, a presentation about the program, and a few local guest speakers.


For more information on our speakers and event details, visit

What is House Sharing?

House Sharing is when two or more unrelated people share a home. This could be a homeowner renting our vacant bedrooms, or two or more people renting a home together. Each resident typically has his or her own bedroom, but shares the home’s kitchen, laundry and living areas (bathrooms may be private or shared, depending on the property). 

No two house sharing situations are alike; each is tailored to the needs and desires of the people involved.


Santa clara county house sharing program

The House Sharing Program is designed to expand affordable housing options for Santa Clara County residents through the use of underutilized homes and stability for community members with varying income levels, such as seniors, persons on fixed incomes, working individuals, transition youth, students and veterans.


How it works

To arrange for an interview or to learn more about how to qualify for the program, click the inquiry form below.

Within 3 days, you will be contacted for an initial phone screening to begin the process of the program. To assist in preparing for your interview, please bring with you:

  • Photo identification

  • Proof of income

  • Names and phone numbers of three references


types of house sharing

A housing provider is a person who wants to share the home he/she owns or rents from a landlord.

A housing seeker is person who is looking for housing, and is open to sharing someone’s home or who is searching for a rental to share with one or more adults, sharing the rights and responsibilities of a rental agreement.

benefits of House Sharing

House Sharing is based on a national model and is an alternative way for people to meet their housing needs that provides numerous benefits to homeowners and renters alike.

House Sharing has been successfully implemented in various locations throughout the North Bay such as: San Francisco, San Mateo, Marin, and Contra Costa.

Benefits of house sharing for Housing Seekers may include:

  • increased availability of reasonably priced housing;

  • increased security;

  • companionship;

  • continued independence and self-sufficiency; and

  • an opportunity to help others.

Benefits of house sharing for Housing Providers may include:

  • added income to assist with expenses;

  • shared household responsibilities;

  • companionship;

  • increased security;

  • continued independence and self-sufficiency;

  • an opportunity to help others; and

  • a one-time $200 incentive after 90 days of a successful match.