Justice empowerment


The Justice Empowerment programs target youths and adults who are participating in the criminal justice system in Santa Clara County in four programs. The Santa Clara County Probation Department funds three contracted programs – Vocational Training and Employment (VES) for Youth, Vocational Training and Employment (VES) for Adults, and Multi-Agency Assessment Center (MAAC) services at Juvenile Hall. Inmate Supportive Services (ISS), the fourth contract, is funded by the Santa Clara County Department of Corrections under the Sheriff’s Department. In addition to the direct support for inmates by the Inmate Supportive Services, Catholic Charities is the fiscal agent for the Department of Corrections for the Diocese of San Jose to provide chaplaincy services to incarcerated youth at the Juvenile Hall and the inmates at the adult jails.

Adult Inmate Supportive Services

The Inmate Supportive Services (ISS) at the two adult correctional facilities – Main and Elmwood Jails – respond to inmate requests for books, eye glasses, notary services, probation-required legal documents, requests for family contacts, family requests for information or items for the inmates, information from community/other legal services and resource information. The ISS staff members have regular schedules at the respective jail sites to respond to inmate and Corrections Officers requests. Volunteers are critical to the success of the ISS services.

Contact: Kent Wanke, Program Manger

Youth and Adult Vocational, Educational, and Employment Services (VES)

The goal for these community-based programs is to reduce criminogenic thinking and to promote and support the participating youths and adults to achieve their individual educational, vocational and/or employment goals. The case managers work with the individual participants, their families, probation officers, school officials, volunteer program leaders, training programs, and employers to help the participants improve their decision-making skills about behavioral choices to improve successful educational, vocational and/or employment opportunities.

Contact: 408-295-5295