Company: Catholic Charities of Santa Clara County
Status: Per Diem

Program Description:

Refugee Foster Care (a Catholic Charities program) resettles unaccompanied minors from all over the world into foster homes throughout the Bay Area, and continues ongoing support services to the youth and foster families. Facing war, persecutions, exploitation and/or violence, these youth fled from their homes and have been separated from their parents and guardians. They are on their own. They have faced some of the worst of what the world has to offer, and with the support of Catholic Charities and their foster families, show great resiliency and strength as they rebuild in the Bay Area. Program support includes: mental and medical health services, financial support, education support and tutoring, independent living skills, American acculturation, support to stay connected with their own culture, and more.

Translators and Interpreters play a crucial role in the resettlement process by bridging linguistic and cultural gaps between the youth, program staff, and vendors.

Job Summary:

Translators and interpreters provide the conversion of language from one language into another.

Interpreters work to convert spoken language and dialogue. Interpretation services often involve a live conversation being held between two parties with an interpreter verbally translating what is being said and relaying information between the two parties. The role of an interpreter is to bridge the gap between cultures in order to create a mutual understanding of facts and what is being communicated between the two parties.

Translation services focus on the conversion of written language. Translators may convert written language from official forms, informational documents or presentations, flyers, letters, school work, etc.

The Refugee Foster Care program is looking for highly skilled interpreters and translators to support conversation and translation between English and the native language of our clients.

Interpreter language needs:

• Swahili

• Arabic

• Ki’che’

Examples of interpreting/translating assignments:

Client intake forms; assessments and orientations; school meetings; doctor appointments; program special events and activities

Primary duties of position:

• (Translator) Translate written documents, such as medical forms, assessments, flyers, check lists, instructions etc. from English to client’s language (and vice versa as needed)

• (Interpreter) Interpret spoken dialogue and/or live conversation between client’s native language and English

• Ensure that every word and topic presented in written/spoken form is translated (when direct translation is not possible, interpreter/translator will interpret as directly as possible to convey the meaning of what is said or written)

• Remain neutral and keep personal feelings out of the language conversion

• Maintain strict confidentiality of sensitive information

• Regularly and consistently track working hours and submit bi-monthly hours to supervisor

Required Qualifications:

• Advanced proficiency (written and verbal) in both English and the language purposed

• Excellent cross-cultural sensitivity and ability to work well with a diverse population, and on a diverse team

• Complete and pass a background check

• Complete a training provided by Refugee Foster Care

• Demonstrate responsibility and good time management

• Ability to maintain professional boundaries

• Willingness and ability to maintain confidentiality, and respect for highly sensitive and private information

• Self-directed, responsible, and ability to maintain record of hours worked

• Detail oriented, and good communicator

• Automobile and valid CA driver’s license

• Excellent computers skills: MS Office (all apps)

Preferred Experience:

• 1-2 years experience as an interpreter and/or translator

• Experience working with child welfare agencies, immigrants/refugees/asylees, foster care programs, youth and family services, or a combination thereof


On-call and on an as-needed basis. Hours will be based on client and foster family needs, which may involve night and weekends.

This position description intends to describe the general nature and level of work being performed by people assigned to this job. It is not intended to include all duties and responsibilities. The order in which duties and responsibilities are listed is not significant. Because of a need to remain responsive to the needs of our clients and our Agency’s operations, responsibilities may be modified at any time.

Catholic Charities is a non-profit, non-discriminatory service organization and employer. We do not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, religion, sex, age, sexual orientation or disability. Persons receiving services in our programs are entitled to freedom from harassment and retaliation and reasonable accommodation for qualified disabilities.

Contact Information:
Job Code: 2016-107