Interpreter - Rohingyan (2016-107)

Company: Catholic Charities of Santa Clara County
Status: Temp Part Time
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Job Description:
Program Description

Refugee Foster Care (a Catholic Charities of Santa Clara County program) supports refugee and immigrant children who have separated from their families because of war, persecution, and trafficking. We place these unaccompanied youth into loving homes all over the Bay Area and provide support and advocacy for the youth in many different areas of their lives. These areas include, but not limited to: school, mental and physical health, the legal system, acculturation, staying connected with their own culture, and independent living skills.

Translators and Interpreters play a crucial role in the resettlement process by bridging linguistic and cultural gaps between the youth, program staff, and vendors.

Job Summary

Translators provide a conversion of a written document from one language to another; the process does not involve live conversation. It is often a service that is used in business, government, and the legal system to convert documents to another language.

Interpreters provide conversion of spoken languages. Interpretation often involves a conversation being held between two parties with an interpreter verbally interpreting what is being said and relaying information between the two parties. The role of an interpreter is to bridge the gap between cultures to create a mutual understanding of facts and what is being communicated between two parties.

Examples interpreting/translating assignments: Home studies, staff phone calls, legal administrative hearings, refugee intake, family reunification interviews, school meetings, immigration meetings, medical screenings, etc. Must be willing to travel.

Prior to employment, interpreters and translators must complete a background checks mandated by the State of California, a training program provided by the agency, and must be able to submit a W-9 form for tax purposes, among other required paperwork. 

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Job Code: 2016-107