Case Manager - Best (2019-26)

Company: Catholic Charities of Santa Clara County
Location: San Jose, CA
Status: Part Time (12 hours per week)


The case manager implements outreach and support to empower youth & their families according to the Hot Spot’s identified on the BEST Contract. The main objective is to reconnect youth back into the school system and the community and provide support for them and their family in choosing healthy alternatives. Case management services will be provided to youth referred according to BEST contract. The case manager will work with CBO’s & school administrator on the BEST Contract to empower youth to choose positive alternatives to dropping out of school. The main objective is to succeed academically by re-connecting youth back into the school system and provide support for them and their family in choosing healthy alternatives. Additionally, the case manager will assist in implementing pro-social evening opportunities and providing outreach work to specific communities.



* Provide an intake and assessment for underlying issues that are contributing to behavior.

* Provide referrals to other community-based services for the youth and family, such as individual or family counseling, educational testing, psychological evaluations, tutoring, mentoring, mediation, etc.

* Manage and maintain a caseload of youth and families

* Prepare weekly and monthly clientele reports on Excel spreadsheets

* In a timely manner, commit to other administrative duties such as creating a weekly schedule, maintaining reimbursement reports, online timesheets, and clientele weekly and monthly reports.

* Meet with direct supervisor on a weekly basis to discuss clients, program adjustments, required support, etc.


* Provide Pro Social Night on Tuesday & Thursday as required on the BEST Contract

* Provide transition services to integrate the youth back into school and to help the youth succeed once there.

* Establish and maintain good working relationships with school administration, community partners, SJPD and Juvenile Probation Department.

* Implement program evaluation procedures such as pre and post surveys, assessments and ISP’s.

* Represent Children, Youth and Family Division at community events.

* Assist team with coordination of services.

* Facilitate the provision of services geared to address the underlying issues that are contributing to a student’s truant behavior.

* Ensure each client and family has wrap-around services if necessary through “referring-out” process.

* Advocate for client in court, school, probation, and “referring-out” circumstances.

* Provide a weekly 1-1 (School or Home Visit with each youth as needed.)

* Develop a year-round Intervention Service Plan (ISP) based on orientation, assessment and intake process for each youth enrolled in the program that includes specific objectives such as increasing academic improvement, behavioral improvement, and community contribution.

* Update the ISP frequently based on client’s improvement.

* Document all interactions in student’s file. (1-1, school visit, home visit, phone calls, texts, email, etc.) using excel sheets and AWARDS records system.

* Individual coaching/counseling will be required to guide the client through successes and challenges.

* Create and offer opportunities of community service, support groups, additional counseling, etc. for the client as needed.

* Meet in the student’s home as needed to identify the assets and resources available to the individual and family.

* Conduct individual and family visits in order to build relationships with the families of the youth.

* Focus on meeting broad-based family needs and reducing family stressors, rather than addressing isolated issues.

* Develop a comprehensive collaborative family development plan which clearly demonstrates how the resources/assets of the individual, family and community will be utilized to address challenges and achieve goals.

* Facilitate the delivery of family focused, community-based support services.

* Link the family to support systems determined by the family development plan.

* Ensure that required services are available and appropriate for the family.

* Serve as a liaison between the family, the program, and other agencies.


* Education: BA preferred and/or extensive equivalent work experience/knowledge

(Equivalent education and experience that demonstrates the ability to perform the job may be considered.)

* Bilingual is a plus.



* Self-starter, high energy, and has patience for working with youth and parents.

* Desire to succeed in chosen career path and demonstrate ambition to develop career.

* Desire to work autonomously and in a team-setting.

* Implements the attitude to balance administrative duties as well as working with families and the community at-large.

* A desire to improve the “self” professionally and personally.

* Is able to receive feedback on performance as well as offering insight and feedback to teammates and top level management.


* Extensive knowledge of how to work with at-risk and gang impacted youth.

* Knowledge of asset-based youth development strategies

* Ability to collaborate with CBO’s & agencies working with at-risk gang related or gang impacted youth.

* Experience in developing outreach strategies to (Schools, Neighborhoods, home visits etc.)

* Experience working with diverse populations.

* Is proficient in Word, Excel, and PowerPoint and has the ability to experiment with other computer programs for program/presentation purposes.

* Experience working with youth in the juvenile probation system.

* Experience case managing youth enrolled in the juvenile probation system.


* Able to use the telephone and computer (including use of mouse and keyboard)

* Able to drive

* Able to lift up to 25 lbs.

* Able to walk long distances


* Able to work in a quiet office setting.

* Able to work in noisy and crowded settings.

* Able to share an office and office supplies with other teammates.

* Mobile to be at different locations


* Nights and weekends are required.

TO APPLY: Please submit resume to or via fax to HR at 408-944-0276.

This position description intends to describe the general nature and level of work being performed by people assigned to this job. It is not intended to include all duties and responsibilities. The order in which duties and responsibilities are listed is not significant. Because of a need to remain responsive to the needs of our clients and our Agency’s operations, responsibilities may be modified at any time.