Facilities, Safety & Security Manager (2018-86)

Company: Catholic Charities of Santa Clara County
Location: San Jose, CA
Status: Full Time

SUMMARY: Under the supervision of the FACILITIES, SAFETY & SECURITY (FSS) DIRECTOR, the FACILITIES, SAFETY & SECURITY MANAGER (FSS) MANAGER is responsible for the effective oversight of Catholic Charities of Santa Clara County’s buildings and equipment owned and operated by the Agency. They are to be secured and kept in safe conditions at all times, as well as being properly maintained in good repair to serve operational requirements. Coordinate all Agency security practices. Coordinate plans and activities related to preparing for natural and man-made disasters. Supervise common services at Zanker offices plus other designated Catholic Charities sites. The FSS Supervisor is responsible for monitoring, auditing and training in all areas of compliance related to all Agency programming and assists with developing, implementing and conducting safety improvement activities. The FSS Supervisor will serve as the liaison between the agencies and the department/unit in regard to agency policy and procedures pertaining compliance and practice and is responsible for monitoring required OSHA and CARF regulations to stay current. The FSS Supervisor will work in partnership with program managers/directors to ensure ongoing training is in compliance with said regulations as well.

Primary Areas of Responsibilities

* Investigate incidents reports and make safety recommendations.

* Plans, directs and administers the Emergency Management Program, the Comprehensive Emergency Management Plan, and related plans and procedures.

* Acts as a direct support to FSS Director, who may act as liaison with other municipalities, county, state, federal and other emergency management organizations.

* Organizes disaster drills and exercises. Reviews results and makes improvements.

* Serves as Catholic Charities representative for various federal, state and countywide emergency management meetings.

* Respond to and investigate all staff-related safety issues and implement plans and programs to minimize future incidents. Oversee ongoing safety training programs for personnel, and volunteers by arranging for or conducting training.

* Scheduling and oversight of regular inspections and maintenance: elevators, fire safety systems (sprinklers, extinguishers, lighting), quarterly self-inspections of all CC-owned properties. Escort inspectors through properties whenever possible.

* Work with Facilities Director for coordination of CARF and other licensure requirements related to facilities and safety.

* Arrange meeting room set-up for larger meetings scheduled in advance. Coordinate internal moves, cubicle re-configurations, renovations.

* Assist in problem solving as repairs arise.

* Work with Facilities Director to ensure safety program meets Agency needs and accreditation and regulatory requirements, including:

o Preparing appropriate written materials and programs such as Injury Prevention Plan, Emergency Preparedness Plan, and other policies, procedures and programs;

o Developing and providing staff orientation and ongoing training in safety and security practices;

* Acting as Secondary Agency Safety Officer

* Oversee Agency security practices, such as:

o Patrolling Agency grounds, inside and out morning, noon and at end of shift to assure safe facility.

o Patrol any large gathering at all agency sites.

o Maintain records of emergency responders for security systems at each site.

* Act as emergency responder where feasible

* Manage security services at Zanker site

* Perform administrative duties such as: maintenance of files and records, approval of invoices for payment, Safety Committee agenda and minutes, membership on Diocese Emergency Preparedness Committee.

* Ensure the buildings and equipment owned and operated by the Agency are maintained in good repair to serve operational requirements.

* Oversight of janitorial services and special cleaning projects (window cleaning, mini-blind cleaning, roof and gutter inspections and cleaning, carpet shampooing, floor strip and wax, door mats).

* Oversight of gardening/lawn services, tree trimming, parking lot and other outside maintenance.

* Oversight of outside contracts and vendors who serve facility needs, for example:

o Waste disposal and recycling

o Storage area procedures and periodic document destruction

o Alarm monitoring systems

o HVAC, boiler and air compressor

o Pest control

* Other duties as requested

Essential Job Responsibilities & Duties

* Assists in the development and implementation of systems, policies, and procedures for the identification, collection, and analysis of performance measurement data.

* Provides training, technical assistance, and support to agency staff to ensure proper and effective training content and procedure adherence to ensure compliance with all applicable OSHA and CARF standards/laws and regulations.

* Researches and stays up to date on all federal and state laws and regulations to develop and implement quality improvement strategies.

* Analyzes, updates, and modifies standard FSS operating procedures and processes to reduce confusion surrounding policy and procedure to continually improve safety, security and health programs and operations (IIPP).

* Gathers and evaluates Freshdesk and Incident Reporting program data and analyzes the data for patterns and trends in service requested to critical follow up and performs follow-up evaluations of data to ensure consistent improvement.

* Facilitates staff training to improve documentation to substantiate work orders and the need for a substantiated workforce

* Oversee Facility Staff Management with time cards, work flow and all operational functions

* Assists in the development and implementation of quality improvement plans in accordance with the mission and strategic goals of the organization, applicable laws, regulations and accreditation standards.

* Coordinates and completes all Quality Improvement activities required to meet funder, accreditation and regulatory performance improvement initiatives.

* Facilitates strategic and tactical planning for the quality improvement program, including needs assessments, evaluations, root cause analysis and interventions.

* Participates in site visit preparation and execution by regulatory and accreditation agencies and leads/supports, facilitates, and advises internal quality improvement teams.

Qualifications & Experience

* BS/BA degree in Industrial Hygiene, Safety or related field; or equivalent combination of education and experience to demonstrate the ability to perform the essential functions of the position.

* At least two (3) years of experience in related field, with at least one year of management experience preferred.

* At least one (1) year of experience in conducting or participating in audit support is highly desired, but not required.

* At least one (1) year of experience OSHA documentation and training is highly desired, but not required.

* Two (2) years of experience as a trainer and policy and procedure developer experience is also desirable, but not required.

* At least two (2) years with valid guard card and some form of security or law enforcement experience

* Familiar with DARs and Incident Reporting Protocols

* Demonstrated ability to learn CARF regulatory protocols, OSHA Compliance, HIPAA and contract requirements and then train staff on compliance requirements either one-to-one or in a group setting

* Must be computer savvy, proficient in Visio, AutoCAD, Excel, Power Point, Work Order Regulation Systems, CCTV and Alarm Systems

* Must be able to handle extreme amounts of pressure, remain organized and keep a cool head in all situations and able to communicate both orally and in written formats

* Must be able to lead and follow effectively and operate in integrity with respect to all

* Organized, able to analyze data, identify safety trends and demonstrated ability to write concise reports using Microsoft Word and/or Excel.

* Dedication to high quality record keeping, along with the ability to analyze and evaluate files and determine necessary steps for corrective action.

* Ability to manage time effectively and multi-task with the ability to stay highly organized.

* Excellent communication and interpersonal skills required.

* Strong writing skills with the ability to proofread and edit.

* Strong ability to work independently as well as with a team.

Required knowledge, skills & abilities:

* Basic knowledge of construction and repair-related issues, including ability to read a blueprint or schematic.

* Sound understanding of OSHA, Cal-OSHA, fire, and other safety regulations.

* Excellent written and oral communication skills.

* Knowledge of the laws and regulations governing emergency management.

* Knowledge of emergency and/or disaster planning principles and practices.

* Ability to analyze information under emergency operating conditions and directing the course of action to be taken.

* Skill in managing and coordinating disaster preparedness and recovery operations

* Ability to develop coursework and teach

* Sensitivity to cross cultural issues

* Ability to work on a team and as a team member

* Computer literate; knowledge of MS Office suite required

* Car, valid CA driver’s license, adequate insurance per Agency policy

* Bilingual (English/Spanish) preferred

* Physical Requirements

* Ability to lift up to 50 pounds

* Ability to walk, climb, crouch, bend, reach, push and pull

* Ability to sit for up to one hour at a time

* Ability to perform functions at a computer workstation

* Ability to drive

Working Conditions

Indoor and outdoor environments