1. How is the process to work with RLEI?

A concerned neighbor contacts RLEI and presents the problem. RLEI evaluates the issue and works with the community and the problem neighbor towards a long lasting solution.

2. Is RLEI confidential?


3. Is there a cost?


4. Do I need to belong to a neighborhood association to submit a case?

No. You just need to form a neighborhood group of 10 neighbors or more.

5. How long does this process take?

If the property owner is responsive a case can resolved in less than four weeks. But if the property owner is not cooperative it can take much longer.

6. How do I apply to RLEI for help?

Submit a request for support online, by email or call 408-673-4802.


Contact RLEI

For HELP submitting a case or additional information about RLEI please contact us by telephone or email:

Telephone: 408-673-4802 | Email: rlei@catholiccharitiesscc.org