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About RLEI

The Responsible Landlord Engagement Initiative (RLEI) is a community initiative that helps communities stay safe and vibrant. RLEI works alongside neighborhood leaders, law enforcement, and local government to hold property owners accountable for the upkeep of their properties in order to maintain the well-being of the community.


What RLEI can do for you?

We can help you approach absentee landlords and present the issues with their properties.

The community works with RLEI to make sure the irresponsible landlords are taking care of their blighted properties.

We look for a long term solution for the issues.

When to connect to RLEI?

A property in your neighborhood has become a longstanding nuisance or source of danger.

A dilapidated or abandoned property is affecting the quality of life of the residents adjacent or nearby.

When there is an irresponsible property owner or landlord who does not comply with his contractual obligations.

When there is a responsible landlord who needs assistance in dealing with tenants who are continuously disturbing the peace of the neighborhood.

Why connect to RLEI?

If you feel it is time to act because an irresponsible property owner or slum landlord does not want to take action to resolve the issues generated by their negligence.

An action plan can be built to make them commit to improve the physical and social conditions in their properties and care for the neighborhood.

Contact RLEI

For HELP submitting a case or additional information about RLEI please contact us by telephone or email:

Telephone: 408-673-4802 | Email: rlei@catholiccharitiesscc.org

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