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When you or your children are hungry, life’s challenges are even more difficult to overcome. 

We serve over 400,000 meals to more than 10,000 of our neighbors in need each year, preparing hot meals at our senior centers, distributing free grocery bags at our community centers, and providing nutritious snacks for our after-school students daily. A hearty meal goes a long way for those who endure hunger each day. By nourishing the body, we nurture hope and nourish the soul with our neighbors in need. 


Education opens doors to opportunity and life-long learning. 

Our after-school expanded learning program, CORAL (Communities Organizing Learning to Advance Learning), serves 2,500 youngsters in high-needs neighborhoods every year with literacy and STEM programs, sports, and enrichment activities. Our Family Resource Centers provide parenting education and early childhood programs, while senior and neighborhood centers host classes and workshops, and ESL instruction helps participants to navigate civic processes and connect to the wider community. Our programs open doors to educational pathways leading to stability and self-sufficiency. 


Our region’s housing crisis means families are either crowded in shared apartments with other families, live in converted garages, or sleep in cars. This is not home. 

Our housing programs provide support for families and individuals facing housing instability or homelessness, from case management to housing placement for flood survivors to supportive services at Charities Housing sites, to direct financial assistance to keep people in their homes. Home is a place of love, belonging, community, and safety, not stress, fear, or instability. We provide comfort, respite, and the daily blessing of home for those who are without.

Economic Security

Income is the key to self-sufficiency, the key that will unlock all of the above for people living in poverty. 


Employment programs specialize in placing those with severe barriers to employment, securing jobs for over 100 people every year, while our Financial Education programs help participants to budget, save, and plan for their future. We assist our immigrant neighbors to obtain legal status and citizenship to secure employment and engage in the community, and help refugees fleeing violence and instability around the world to build a new life in our beautiful and vibrant Santa Clara County. Our participants pursue meaningful career opportunities and professional development that fosters skill sets and drive. We support our community members to seek and sustain a reliable income to achieve long-term stability.


Health and well-being take many forms, from the physical to the emotional. 

Seniors receive wellness assessments and nurse check-ups, individuals and families access counseling, neighborhoods are assisted to address unsafe and blighted properties, frail adults are cared for at our Adult Day Care locations, and young men and women attend peer support groups and gang prevention to place them on a path to healthy adulthood. Health is wealth–we care for the well-being of our community members to foster holistic strength. 


The Immigration and Legal Services (ILS) of Catholic Charities of Santa Clara County was established in 1976 in response to the growing number of immigrants moving to the Bay Area. Program staff are committed to helping individuals understand the immigration law and to know their rights under the law. The program provides a broad range of immigration counseling and representation to immigrants and their families.